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In The Heat Of Lisbon Festival 2022

"In The Heat Of Lisbon" festival is a weekend of events to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of Celtic becoming the 1st British team to win the cup The club managed by Jock Stein,and a team in where all but 2 players were born within 10 miles of Celtic Park. That team that beat Inter Milan on the 25th May in Lisbon became known as the Lisbon Lions. Apart from the ticket events there will be a huge visual display on the Friday to honour the Lions,there will also be a Lisbon Lions exhibition on the Saturday and Sunday.

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Friday 29th April, 2022 - On Our Way To Lisbon

On Our Way to Lisbon (or The Italian Job) tells the story of how, in 1967, Glasgow Celtic became the first British team to win the European Cup with victory over the mighty Inter Milan. Two fans look back and fondly recreate how the Bhoys in Green and White beat the hardest team in the world and draped Europe in the green, white and gold.

The whole mad and magnificent campaign comes to life as the two supporters become everything from a vicious Swiss football team to the entire population of Lisbon.

Put on those scarves, dust off your passport and come with us once again as Celtic steam-roll over the best teams in Europe to become the immortal Lisbon Lions.

"On Our Way to Lisbon" Usosceles Theatre Company and Glasnevin playing their "On to victory " album

This is a fundraiser on behalf of the Kano Foundation who take children to Celtic matches free of charge.

Since season 2010/2011 The KANO Foundation has been Keeping Football Free for Kids, giving over 9000 kids a unique match day experience at Celtic Park.

Saturday 30th April, 2022 - The Irish Brigade plus Eimhear Ni Ghlacain

The Irish Brigade
The Irish Brigade are a Irish Rebel Band from county Tyrone, they have been playing Irish Rebel music since the early 1980’s. The first album they had out was the Roll Of Honour, which was in memory on the 10 brave men who died on hunger strike in 1981. Songs on the album are about the hunger strikers such as Ballad Of Bobby Sands, A Fathers Blessing (for Joe McDonnell), Hughes Lives On, McElwee’s Farewell. Since then they have recorded over 10 albums such as Rising Of The Moon, Our Day Will Come, Pardon Me For Smiling, and the first live album was recorded in the Sidewalk Music Café in Dublin in 2003. They have also written some of the best loved Irish Rebel Songs such as The Sam Song, My Old Man’s A Provo, A Prisoners Anthem, The Brixton Busters.They play gigs all over Ireland from Kerry up to Donegal, from Tyrone to Wexford, and from Dublin up to Belfast.And have played all over Europe and America

Eimhear Ni Ghlacain
With a growing fan base, Eimhear has become one of the most popular artists on the rebel scene. Her passionate and heartfelt renditions of our favourite ballads has earned her the title " Queen of Rebel ", as she continues to draw crowds and sell out concerts across the globe

Sunday 1st May, 2022 - Shebeen plus Gary Og

Shebeen were formed in Glasgow in 1997 & are arguably the finest Irish Rebel band presently playing on the Republican / Celtic circuit. Their first album, "Volume 1" (funnily enough!) was released in November of that year (in aid of Tyrone P.D.F). Having toured extensively throughout the british mainland, the Occupied 6 Counties & the Irish Republic they soon built up a loyal support amongst the Irish Diaspora both at home & abroad. The next album, "Disband The R.U.C", was quickly followed by "Live In Creggan", recorded in St. Marys' Centre, Creggan, Derry City on Easter Sunday 1999. Shortly afterwards the band embarked on their first tour of Norway, where their inimitable brand of in-your-face Rebel music met with rave reviews in the Norwegian press. "Do You Really Think It's Over" is their latest offering to date & a mix of studio & live performances. The line up has changed somewhat over the years with original members Alan & Timmy having been joined by Pádraig (Saoirse), Paul, Magintie & Podgie

Gary Og

Gary first came to prominence as the singer of Eire Og, formed in Glasgow, Scotland in the early 1990s, was a modern Irish rebel band, which has toured the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe and the USA extensively throughout the mid - late nineties.

What made them unique was their introduction of the marching drums to their music, a style that has subsequently been copied by many bands of this genre ever since. It gave them an unmistakable and uncompromising sound that became the soundtrack of an entire generation during a period of civil strife prior to the IRA ceasefire of the late nineties.

Gary has toured extensively in Europe,America and Australia and Damien Dempsey credits him for his interest in ballads